Build Support

Roaring Forties want your RF GT40 to be as professionally built as possible. That is why we have made our “build kits” as accurate and easily understood as possible. However there are times when you may need a little support, and even a little help. We are always on hand to help you make your GT40 build as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

As far as the build experience goes, there is a lot of support available for vehicle builders who are concerned about what is involved. We have an extensive support system that includes:

  • A comprehensive build manual populated with an extensive display of illustrations and instructions. It shows sequential instructions that describe the build program in great detail.
  • RF personally assisting you over the phone with any technical issues during the build.
  • RF in-house build assistance days at our factory where owners and builders can meet, discuss issues and share ideas.
  • RF engineers (Qualified Mechanical Engineers / Vehicle Engineering compliance certified) available for personal discussions on vehicle builds and compliance requirements (travel costs will be incurred in some instances).
  • RF Build Logs on the website where anyone can post questions regarding their vehicle build and any other queries they might have. You can also view other RF GT40 builders build logs to see what they are doing with their car.
  • RF online support is available at:
  • RF also recognises that not everyone is idealy set up at home to build there car, RF is now  pleased to be  able to offer "Build bays" at the RF Factory to help you along the way. Please  contact us at:
  • We recognise that there may be an area of the build that you’re uncomfortable with so we have developed a list of trusted service providers to help you, if you wish (additional costs will be incurred).
  • Connecting you with existing Roaring Forties customers in your area, so that you may speak with them on the car, our service and what you can expect as you continue with this project.

Roaring Forties offers most of these services free of charge. We want to help you to enjoy your build, and produce the best RF GT40 possible.

Please never be afraid to ask questions, contact us (particularly by email as it allows us to respond with explanatory pics) for anything at all as we are here to help and want to make this build and owner experience exceptional for you.

Our Build Support is second to none
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