RF engineers worked on FPV "Miami" engine!!!



Now that Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) have released their brand new supercharged version of the Ford US "Coyote" engine, it can be revealed that 2 of Roaring Forties senior engineers worked with Prodrive and FPV on the development of that engine.
Codenamed "Miami", the supercharged 5.0 litre quadcam engine has re-written the lay of the land of Australian V8 engine power and torque output.
It is known that two RF mechanical engineers assisted in the development of the engine alongside Prodrive and FPV engineers. 
They participated in design, development and validation roles, predominantly at Prodrive's Campbelfield premises, but also at Ford's Geelong RDC (Research & Development Centre) as well as Ford's Lara Proving Ground.
3 of the Roaring Forties company owners are no strangers to engine development programs, as most of their professional life, prior to RF, was in the field of OEM (Original Equipment manufacturers) engine design and development. 
Several Holden (GM Australia) V8, V6, V6 Supercharger and 4 cylinder engine design & development programs, Toyota Supercharger program design & developoment on Aurion and Hi-Lux, Tickford 5.6 litre "stroker" engine development program for TE & TS FPV models, and the list goes on...
While the guys remained tight lipped about the Miami development program specifics, they did mention that it was good to work alongside professional engineers again, and that the program was both very successful and "Very Interesting".
The fact that the last sentence was mentioned with a grin, leads one to ponder just how long it might be before we see one of those engines shoe horned into an RF chassis? 
Not long, I would assume!


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