RF Support in WA


RF strive to support all their clients, regardless of where they are located. Here's another example...

Showing commitment to RF clients, engineer and owner Paul Bottomley, traveled to WA earlier this year, to visit existing customers and interested onlookers and talk on all things GT40.
The weekend started out at the central Western Australian mining town of Newman, where they were hosted by a proud Rick Kinsman displaying his recently completed RF GT40.
Rick also works in the mines at Newman, so he arranged a parade of interested collegues to drop by and chat with the RF boys while admiring Ricks handywork on the GT40.
Paul explained the intricacies of engineering such a vehicle to the high level of performance capability and completeness of componentry - Roaring Forties supply EVERY single part, component nut, bolt and washer to build the whole car.... COMPLETELY.
Of course, Paul has been a registration certification engineer in Victoria since before becoming involved with the RF company, so he knows the what the vehicles need not only to pass engineering complience for registration in all states of Australia, but he knows how to engineer the vehicle for safety and integrity!
The OEM engineering training and conditioning Paul developed during his years with Holden, Tickford, Toyota, Elfin and even more recently Prodrive, is exhibited in the engineering of this car.
Paul usually takes his patient time in explaining exactly how and why they have done things the way they have, and how it is usually retro-fittable to earlier RF vehicles.
Next stop was Perth, but this time Murray Buchan was NOT doing the hosting at his immaculately clean "TLC Auto Care" workshop in O'Connor, as is usually the case. This time it was at the residence of another RF GT40 builder, Jim Shackelford.
Jim opened up his garage, his house and his toy collection to a group of local RF GT40 owners/builders, as well as a few GT40 enthusiasts who had travelled some distance to meet the RF crowd.
This time Paul cauld explain all the engineering background of the RF G40's design quite easily, using Jim's partially build car as a visual aid.
The end result of an RF GT40 build was easy to describe to the attendees, as Murray's pristine deep blue example testified as to what can come with some attantion to detail and the RF part list and support.


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