The Kits

Roaring Forties GT40’s are different from other ICV kits available because we supply everything needed to build the car from start to finish. We offer a complete set of parts (every part, panel, component, assembly, nut & bolt) so we know that everything fits together perfectly, and the resulting vehicle will be compliant and ready for registration.

This parts list is grouped into over 160 separate kits, with each kit containing 100% of the items needed to build that part of the car. These kits combine to build the complete vehicle, ready for registration.

These kits are also available in 10 phases. These are the 10 (sequential) major build steps to build the RF GT40. You are welcome to purchase all, or any of these kits, to make sure your vehicle build works for you. We can also supply any of the actual kits individually, to suit your needs.

Because we know that all these parts fit together to form a completed car, which is totally compliant for registration throughout Australia and many other countries, we do suggest that people consider this as the best option to build the car in its entirety, but some builders do want to have a more hands on approach which is also fine.

RF GT40’s do not require “donor parts”. Instead, we supply every component, part, nut and bolt to complete your car and ensure it is ready for registration.

A Roaring Forties GT40 is made up of 160 different kits.
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