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Frequently Asked Questions



Who is John Bowe?

John Bowe is an Australian Racing personality who has competed at the highest level of motorsport in Australia. John's testing and feedback have been invaluable to the latest iteration of our chassis, suspension and handling package. For more information on John, check out his bio on wikipedia.

What is the approximate wait or lead time on a body chassis unit (basic kit)?

We usually maintain at least 1 body & chassis in stock at all times, so lead times are virtually zero. The same goes with most of our parts. We generally have several complete sets of the first and second stages of our proven sequential build kits in stock at any time.

What base vehicle is the chassis designed from?

The chassis is a clean sheet, specifically designed, CAD modelled, FEA tested, triangulated space frame chassis exclusively designed and manufactured by Roaring Forties, using the expertise of professional mechanical engineers and an internationally renowned race-car engineer. We pride ourselves on our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approach to building our cars.

What do I need to do to secure my place on your order book?

We require a deposit of $5000 with the order. This secures your chassis number and initiates the parts procurement for any special orders. Deposits refundable up until the time the parts are distributed or special orders are commenced.

Can I have a copy of the vehicle build manual?

The manual is viewable on a visit to our factory, but will not be released in it’s entirety before an order is made. An abbreviated version may be available via email or a personal visit to our premises, and will be on our website in the near future.

What sort of budget would I need to allow, to build and register my car?

Depending on your skill level and how much assembly work you arrange yourself, you can build a road registrable car from as little as $70k. We have customers who have done exactly that.

Roaring Forties can of course supply you with absolutely everything (every nut bolt and widget), then a standard registrable car would be $126,721 Inc GST and includes everything except paint and tyres to construct a complete Australian compliant vehicle.

Is it difficult to register the finished RF GT40?

If you have constructed your car in accordance with local and/or federal compliance laws, then registration is very straight forward. Our recommendations on vehicle build and our part & component designs take Australian compliance obligations into consideration. Working closely with our compliance engineer throughout your build will ensure a smooth sign off for registration.

We have a registered engineering signatory working with us so we can accurately guide you through the compliance issues with an absolute guarantee that the vehicle package you end up with is totally compliant for registration within all Australian states and Territories.