Australian registration compliance for RF GT40’s is straight forward, especially if you have an informed, structured and well documented system in place, such as the one employed by Roaring Forties.

There are numerous governmental rules to comply with for vehicle registration and compliance, but as long as you are working with an organised and disciplined ICV manufacturer, like Roaring forties, there are few concerns.

Our VASS (Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme) Engineer is intimately familiar with the ADR’s (Australian Design Rules for motor vehicles) and requirements for ICV’s (Individually Constructed Vehicles) in all states and territories within Australia.

At Roaring Forties, we provide an information package for our RF GT40’s to the relevant engineers in all states and territories within Australia, and to the related registering authorities, to help you with compliance in states and territories other than Victoria.

In Victoria, we can provide all these services for our customer directly, personally and with confidence.

This package includes ADR test results covering all the information engineers need to certify the vehicle. NSW RTA, Qld Transport and engineers in the other states, all have the RF ADR and test results package which includes various engineering drawings to ensure they are inspecting a genuine RF vehicle.

Provided your vehicle shows good workmanship, you have followed the guidelines that our manual presents and used the components provided by Roaring Forties correctly, registration will not be a problem.

We have exhaustively tested each ADR with VicRoads engineers and complied 12 Victorian Roaring Forties GT40’s in the last 12 months through our sister business APS. We have also successfully registered RF GT40’s in each state and Territory within Australia, as well as countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Germany.

We have gone to these exhaustive measures to ensure you can proceed with your RF GT40 build with confidence, secure in the knowledge that the car you build will be compliant for registration.

For countries other than Australia, you should confer with the local governing authorities as requirements do vary from country to country. However, you are not alone. We will work with you to ensure your vehicle meets all compliance standards wherever you are – because everyone deserves to drive the dream!

Our goal is to help you take the headaches out of Compliance
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