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Build Support 

Our team offers ongoing phone and email support throughout all stages of your build, to ensure that your Roaring Forties GT40 is a precise experience is as enjoyable as possible
The Heart of the Beast 

When it comes to the heart of your GT40 we recommend the Modern Quad Cam Ford Coyote, either in standard trim, with the Innov8 stacks and Motec Engine management and stage two or three cams. We can also supply installation kits for the 302 Windsor or Ford Modular V8…
The Body 

We offer authentic reproductions of both the Mk Ib and Mk II body shapes, including the Mk Ib Gulf Flare option, constructed in hand laid GRP ...
The Chassis 

Our chassis is a digitally accurate, CAD modeled, clean sheet design, manufactured by fully qualified fabricators using dedicated jigs and fixtures. It is a well sorted race car chassis, pure and simple.

The RF GT40 makes compliance and registration simple; all aspects have been proven and fully comply. While we can’t do anything about the “bureaucratic” wait times, we will assist with ensuring your passage to compliance is as smooth as possible and also can recommend compliance engineers local to you.
The Kits 

Our GT40 breaks down into stages, each is a complete kit containing everything needed for that stage, right down to the last washer. You can buy an entire car, or in stages to suit your budget and timeline.